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Should you keep prejudiced against people with tattoos?

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Should you keep prejudiced against people with tattoos? Empty Should you keep prejudiced against people with tattoos?

Bài gửi by Tatkuink Tue Feb 07, 2023 10:27 pm

Currently, the habit of tattooing is very popular among young people, both men and women. According to them, it is the passion, the desire to have a highlight on the body, or save the memory, the name of the lover, the anniversary of the acquaintance, the wedding anniversary... Love tattoos, you T.T.L (20 years old, living in Binh Thoi 2 clump, Binh Khanh ward, Long Xuyen city) shared: “I have a rose tattoo on my left leg and right arm. Some pictures, tattoo colors on the body help me look more prominent. I will keep these tattoos forever, marking the passion of youth."

Asked "Is it sad that many people see the custom baseball jersey tattoo will give bad reviews", L. replied: "I feel normal. If anyone still holds that thought, they are not really open. I tattoo because I love it, it doesn't mean that I will become a bad person, a playboy."

Some young people

from love to tattoo addiction, gradually covered their arms, chit dragons, phoenixes, tigers, eagles, lions... Of course, the above case could not be avoided from the fearful, strange eyes. from people around. Ms. K. (My Phuoc ward, Long Xuyen city, a small restaurant owner) shared: “Once, it was late at night, and two young people stopped by the restaurant. A young man with two full arms tattooed, suddenly I was a little afraid. When I brought out the food and talked to the guests, I found that you guys are not as rude as I thought."

Tattoos in the minds of many people, especially with the previous generation, who have been tattooed are definitely not decent people. That's understandable, because in life, in action movies, the famous Gypsy characters and players are all tattooed. That mindset exists in social life, leading to job recruitment, businesses (DN) rarely choose people with tattoos, even though they don't know how capable that person is. Therefore, some of you have to work hard to remove tattoos. Tattooing is easy and inexpensive, but tattoo removal is difficult and expensive many times, because tattoo ink goes straight down to the dermis layer of the skin, requiring a lot of time to remove.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thao (Head of Sales, Traenco Joint Stock Company, a unit specializing in recruiting and training workers to work abroad) said: "Domestic and foreign enterprises both keep this mindset, especially Japanese enterprises do not accept tattoos on the arm, neck, conspicuous position of employees. That is the first criteria for screening before conducting the interview. We regret that the cases of health, age, and qualifications, just because of tattoos, can't go to work abroad. Therefore, we hope that young people will consider carefully before getting a tattoo, so as not to miss good job opportunities."

In fact

society still holds a prejudice against people with tattoos, even though tattoos are just appearances, not telling their entire qualities, ethics, and abilities. MSc Cao Van Duc (former lecturer at An Giang University) said: “The origin of tattooing of the Vietnamese ethnic community is recorded in the earliest tales from the Hung Kings period. At that time, people living near the forest, going into the water were often harmed by dragons, so they told the king. The king said that people tattoo themselves with ink in the form of a water tribe. Since then, the people have not been harmed by dragons. The tattooing custom of Bach Viet people started from there."

According to Mr. Duc, tattooing is a baseball jacket habit of many people, an expression of artistic values and a desire to be beautiful. However, over time, tattoos are associated with "players", "brothers and sisters", unintentionally making society have bad prejudices. Even when the society is not open and these prejudices have not been erased, young people should aim to build their own values in their inner moral character and qualities.

Do not be passionate about building a beautiful image and appearance, but have to face many bad opinions. Whether or not to change prejudice against people with tattoos depends on the attitude of each person, each business. But first, workers need to consider carefully before getting a tattoo, so as not to miss job opportunities in the current difficult socio-economic context.

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