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Bài gửi by Tatkuink Thu Nov 24, 2022 4:49 pm

Eyes are the windows to the soul, the means to express human emotions. Accordingly, in the field of tattoo art, eye tattoos also represent many different meanings. To better understand the meaning of the eye tattoo, please refer to the article below!

Origin, origin, history of eye tattoo symbol

Eyes are the means of expressing tatkuink clothing emotions at any time, even when they are trying to hide, because we often hear the saying that eyes can't lie.

Many people think that if you want to know if a person is good or bad, look deep into their eyes. For the same reason, the eyes have become the symbol many people choose to engrave on their body.

Many artists and creators have been inspired by the eyes of the Egyptian god, the spiritual eye (3rd eye), the human eye in all emotions of joy, sadness, anger, anger, ... and even the eyes of animals…

In some ways, the eye has the following meanings:

In Western culture, a tattoo of one eye represents confidence and assurance.
In Christianity, "Eyes of God" means that God is always watching over the souls of believers, always protecting you.
Eye tattoos express the emotions of the owner, but can also be a thing to hide secret pain.
For some people, the eye tattoo has a spiritual meaning, but there are others who think that this is a symbol of truth, spirits, prophets, etc.
In modern times, it is not uncommon to find symbols like the eye printed on clothing, brand logos or even on people's skin.

The eyes represent a person's intellect, feelings and emotions

In Egyptian legend, the eye of the god Horus was the symbol of the door to the soul. You can easily get a mystical eye tattoo by placing it in a triangle or on top of a pyramid.

In general, the meaning of eye tattoos is very much, depending on your preferences, you can choose to sketch an eye with many different meanings.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose an eye tattoo with different meanings

The history of the eye tattoo symbol
The eyes of Horus (also known as Ra - the god with the head of a falcon) are the symbol of Egypt. According to legend, the god Horus defeated Seth to sit on the throne. Horus possessed the left eye of the moon and the right eye of the sun, however, his left eye was lost while fighting Seth. In the end, God Thoth restored Horus' left eye.

The Eye of Ra tattoo is a unique work of art based on the falcon eye of the god Horus, a symbol found on ancient Egyptian art historical sites. Accordingly, the eye tattoo of Horus means wisdom, success and luck for the owner.

The eye of Ra hidden on the top of the pyramid - a symbol of ancient Egyptian culture

However, there are still many opinions that the eye tattoo refers to the organizations that have surreptitiously gained control of the United States.

Traditionally, the eye tattoo is a symbol of spiritual sublimation and intellectual enlightenment.

The meaning of eye tattoo - The sacred eye tattoo style is popular today
The eye symbol appears in skull apparel many different forms, in different cultures and stories. In tattoo art, there is no unified meaning behind making it a permanent work of art.

Therefore, you should choose and design your own meaningful eye tattoo depending on the thoughts and aspirations of each person in life.

Meaning of eye tattoo

The divine eye tattoo means that the god is really present in life and is watching over humanity. Another popular interpretation, the eye symbolizes the benevolence of the gods, "enlightenment of the soul", or "illumination of the mind".

Divine eye tattoo

Crying Eye Tattoo: Tearful eyes tattoo designs often symbolize painful memories. This can be an engraved tattoo, recording the loss of family love or love.

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