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FUT 23:It's early days but there's an exciting opportunity

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FUT 23:It's early days but there's an exciting opportunity Empty FUT 23:It's early days but there's an exciting opportunity

Bài gửi by wangyue36612 Mon Dec 12, 2022 1:47 pm

The good news is that it appears EA was listening to my pleas for an improved Volta FUT 23 Coins Arcade, so I fully credit the fact that it has been expanded to include the more realistic battle royale mode of silly minigames and obstacle courses that recall the best parts of Fall Guys. It's still a bit risible to only have it available during weekends though.

Quelle surprise, Ultimate Team has received the greatest amount of attention. In addition, the team training mode I've long been looking for has arrived with FUT Moments. Moments offers small pockets of FIFA gameplay that reward players with fun challenges designed to determine your physique and find out how the various cards work together.

It's early days but there's an exciting opportunity to document the careers of players as well as recreate the most memorable moments of football's past using this type of game. The current collection contains highlights from the glorious times that included Jurgen Klopp and Kylian Mbappe. But in next year's game, it'd be amazing to see what EA's team can create together with other greats of the game like Pele and 'King' Kazuyoshi Miura.

Elsewhere, there are sweeping changes to the system of chemistry. Chemistry will no longer be affected by the position of a player in the formation compared to other players. This is a change that enables greater variation across countries and leagues. I'm not convinced that it will change anyone's strategy too much but it's good to know that you can throw in wildcard players and have more opportunities to connect them with top division players.

Looking for the perfect midfielder to get that "33" chemistry is very much like playing a Squad Building Challenge now, which is a little naive. These challenges are a fine way to lose an hour doing nothing, but EA's 'sudoku for football fans' is best played with the companion app away from Ultimate Team's slow console menus.

In a sign of the licensing wars that lie ahead, FIFA has lost the J1 League license this year which means no more King Kazu. In the end, it was a change to an entertaining Bronze as well as Silver Australian A League team with the formidable striking force that is Hibs winger Martin Boyle and buying FIFA 23 Coins the aptly called David Ball. Similar to last time my underdog team triggered a few rage quits from opponents with million-coin ensembles and exposed Ultimate Team as a gilded farce.


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