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Explain why the Japanese do not accept tattooed workers

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Explain why the Japanese do not accept tattooed workers Empty Explain why the Japanese do not accept tattooed workers

Bài gửi by Tatkuink Tue Dec 13, 2022 9:24 pm

Japan is an extremely strict country with conditions when recruiting foreign workers, especially with regard to appearance.

Japanese people especially

do not like tattoos, if you want to skull canvas art work abroad but have a tattoo, you cannot apply. To find out why people with tattoos cannot participate in labor export? and tattoo-related issues we will learn together in the article below.

Although Japan has recently relaxed policies and selection criteria to attract labor, some conditions remain the same and one of them is the requirement for tattoos.

In previous years

workers with tattoos, whether large or small, were not allowed to participate in labor export, and still are now, whether they are tattooed outside or in private places.

This is one of the prerequisites to decide whether you are eligible to participate in this program

But now, due to a serious shortage of labor resources, some businesses have begun to accept subjects with small tattoos in discreet places or tattoo scars.


that is only a small number, because the day of the dead common ground of employers is still not accepting employees with a large image.
According to the Labor Code of Vietnam or Japan, there is no regulation not to accept employees with tattoos. However, the Japanese are very serious about their work, so they think tattooing is not serious.

For them, people with tattoos are people who like to play, and are criminals, so they are very discriminating and do not accept people with tattoos.

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